Frequently asked questions provides a verification service where you can use this number to verify various sites with an SMS code. Only one number can be used for one service. This number is available for 24 hrs and the only purpose is to verify services like Facebook, Google, etc.
Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft uses Malaysia SIM numbers.
All numbers are U.S numbers except Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter which uses Malaysia numbers
No these are fresh real U.S SIM numbers and not recycled or VoIP numbers.
It is 95 cents per verification. Discounts are available depending on the package you choose.
No, You cannot. This number is only used to verify services. One number per service. This service cannot be used for any fraud or fake info. Please read our terms of service.
Yes, we offer a reseller service. Please check out the Platinum/Reseller pricing in pricing page.
No you cannot, you can only use one number for one site. If you violate this, your account will be terminated.
We do not offer any refunds. However, if a particular service fails, that amount will be credited to your account.
Your service will be activated once we verify your account. Usually within 24 hours.
The numbers last for a maximum of 30 days. You have to use up your credit within 30 days.